Opinionated little Sh*t

Sometimes you have to wonder how you have turned out as a parent.

Is it right for your son to come home from the pub and just let loose with a tirade at how the world is and how it should be, or have you done right by the little guy and brought him up in such a way that he is open to intelligent conversation and stands by what he believes in.

Where does discussion end and ranting begin?

Should we as parents allow such talk to come from our sons mouth, and at such an age?

I think you need to just watch the video and let us know what his tirade brings to your view of the world

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  • Mum Says:

    “What is wrong with the world the beer takes like milk, my parents don’t understand me, I try to stand on my own two feet and they hold me up. I want to hide away but they keep questioning me keep asking me to talk to them.” Then I think “they are dam good loving parents and doing their best for me”

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