First Christmas

Christmas had lost it’s shine being a 38 year old, you forget what the joy is, you look at the money flow out, get stuffed on food, drink a heap and shudder at having to return to work in a few days time, none of the long breaks of childhood away from school.

This year brought the joy back, if only in a little way, Sean is only 10 months old, but this was his first Christmas, and it brightens me up to think of how many more we are going to have together and what he will be able to experience on those magical mornings

His Cousin Zara is now almost three, she gets the presents now. If not fully comprehending the whole Christmas deal, but she knows how to tear open the wrapping paper.
Sean knows how to eat it.

But getting the Kids dressed up and in the Christmas spirit is fun again, things we will do together. I can’t wait to do an Advent Calendar with him in the future.

Until then, cheesy photos help bring the magic back.


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