Summer, not here yet, but still…

Sweltering heat, packing for a big move, pregnant wife

These are a few of my least favourite things.

Summer is a time for chilling out by the pool or beach, neither of which I have close to hand, and COLD BEERS, something I have quite a few of close to hand.

I like to Home Brew, been doing it for quite awhile. Dad and I started a production line back in 2000 when we were living together in Tathra, NSW. Mum was in Sydney for work, and the boys worked hard and drank harder. Once I moved back to Sydney for work the home brew fell off for a while, moving around I never really had anywhere to set up, especially living in Apartments.


When I moved in with my mate Sharpie, we had a 6 car garage that became a bit of a brewery, and my little fermenter soon turned into 3, we made a heap, ales, lagers, ciders, porters, stouts, and one of the best chili ginger beers you have ever tasted.

Kicking back this summer I’ll brew up some more of that I think, and it’s a craft you can share with your son when he is old enough, it’s what I did with my dad.


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