Clearing the Clutter

One of the things I tried to do when moving into the new place was to de-clutter.

Success, I had none.

Dealing with an emotionally unbalanced pregasaurus was not easy, every time I made a suggestion of “do you want this?” or “what is this?” the outbursts started. As far as Mrs Fen was concerned if it wasn’t bolted down I wanted to throw it out. Not the case.

As you progress through life you accumulate stuff, it happens, but if that stuff is sitting in a box you haven’t looked in since you last moved and your about to move again, do you really need it?

Sure there are things that you don’t want to let go of that hold a great piece of your life within it, but re evaluate what you have every now and again. remove that useless clutter and have a clean out.

The challenge we have now is while where we have moved into a house with slightly more room to store stuff, we still have too much crap. With a baby on the way this ain’t a good thing, reduction of this needs to happen so we can have a room set up for the little bundle when they arrive.

What is the best way to deal with the clutter in your life? is a flamethrower the only answer?



3 Responses to “Clearing the Clutter”

  • Sharpie Says:

    Want to borrow my flamethrower?

  • Chris Says:

    Unfortunately time is the best way to resolve this, because you can inventory what you have.

    Usually I’ll separate stuff on a list into three categories:

    1.) Frequently used
    2.) infrequently used
    3.) Rarely/never used

    I’m pretty sure you know what you don’t use that often, and isn’t really considered ‘treasured/cherished’.

    Is it worth putting the stuff that you don’t use and doesn’t fall into the sentimental basket into storage with kennards etc until a few weeks after the birth of the bub, at which point you might be able to have time (and Kate might not be so stressed) to review it?

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