Labour, Oh shit what do I do?

That’s going to be the general outcry from most dad-to-be’s when the big day hits. That’s pretty much what my thoughts were, before last night.

I had the pleasure of attending a great night of information especially tailored for dads to be.

I attended at the Toxteth Hotel in Glebe, hosted by the concepts creator and Author of the companion book Cheers to Childbirth, Lucy Perry.

And I have to say if you’re an expectant dad, get you butt along to one of these sessions. The information that was provided was excellent and gives you, the dad and support partner of your other half, a wealth of information.

Things covered in a short  point:
– Pain, what it’s like, how to deal with it
– What to pack, what not to pack
– Things you should never say during the birth
– Home Birth, Hospital Birth and C Sections
– Life after the birth

Lucy regaled us with her own birth stories, she has had three children herself, and was also a Doula (birthing support partner) herself.

On top of all this great knowledge, we also had a pub dinner, a couple of beers and a bunch of guys sharing an experience that is going to change all their lives.

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