Share the load.

We’ve been home two days now, things are ramping up in our life with the new little creature that will bring so much into our lives.

He’ll also take so much.

The decision was made when Sean was born that I would stay at the hospital full time, I want to contribute to Kate’s burden lessening as much as I can.
First point has been nappy changes, I think I have done 95% of his changes so far, and it’s something that Kate doesn’t have to worry about.

Trying to settle him down and allow her to sleep as much as possible is very important, and this 3 weeks I have off work is all about sharing that burden for as long as I can, because when I do go back to work, I’ll have very little opportunity to get time off for the next 12 months at least.

Getting up in the middle of the night to change a nappy, re-wrap him up, settle him down, or take him out to the lounge room just so Kate can grab as much sleep as she can get. We are trying to keep up with just breast feeding at the moment for as long as we can, formula has not been ruled out, but the longer we can hold out, the benefits for Sean will get only bigger.

Tiredness is hitting me a bit, but I’ve always been a bit of a night owl. But I’ll slog this out for as long as I can (next 18 years or so), it’s important for all three of us.

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  • Your Mum Says:

    We must have done a reasonably good job bringing you up. It gladdens my heart to read your thoughts. I know you will keep up the good work if not…. out comes the wooden spoon.

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