Dec 9 2011

Music Soothes The Savage Beast

Last night I had the pleasure of going to see the Foo Fighters live at Sydney Football Stadium.

All I can say is… Live music is alive and well. Dave Grohl and the boys perform like they record, with passion and skill, every one of their numbers sounds like you are listening to the CD.
This is my second time managing to see them live, and once again I was blown away.

A little taste of All My Life – Foo Fighters, Sydney Football Stadium, 9/12/2011

But this leads me onto my thoughts about children and music, encouraging the love of music, nurturing a talent and inspiring a kid to take up some kind of self expression. I wasn’t really prompted to do much as a child that I wasn’t showing an interest in, this came from my Fathers life lesson growing up where no matter what he did he would never be as good at anything as his old man.

That’s a harsh thing to teach a growing mind, so dad never pushed us to do anything, he saw no reward.

Having recently being introduced into the world of pending fatherhood, my thoughts are a little different on what I want for my child.

Music, I love myself, but can’t play much, I own a Keyboard, Bass, and Guitar…. yeah, they mostly gather dust.

I will introduce music into my child’s life, through appreciation for listening to it, and also the joy of being able to play. If they choose to persist with it good for them, if they want me to encourage them to try more I will. Same goes for a sporting bent, they can try different things and I will drive them to soccer at some ungodly hour on a Saturday morning.

I don’t begrudge my father for his choice, I understand his position, but I do feel that something of myself was let go in that I should have pushed myself, and my parents to encourage myself into a hobby of expression. It hasn’t been till my 30’s that I picked up a camera and decided to take photos, it wasn’t until 30’s that I got my Motorbike license.

Don’t leave those development opportunities too late, you absorb so much as you grow into an adult.