Dec 9 2018

Lego Advent Calendar 2018 – Day 09

City Day 09
City 2018 - Day 09
Star Wars Day 09
Star Wars 2018 - Day 09
Friends Day 09
Friends 2018 - Day 09

May 3 2013

Changes in me

Tonight at 9:30 I could have been out drinking with friends in the preparation to the wedding we will be attending tomorrow. Instead I was curled up on the bed watching my 14 month old son drift off to sleep. Which would I rather do? The one I was doing.

14 months in of being a parent has been a changing affair to my outlook on life, what I get to do with my spare time and how I feel about the world at large.

An impact on my personal health has also raised how I feel, I scared my self into thinking the worst last week, but all has turned out ok, not great, but ok, I can and have to live with my condition. Nothing that is life threatening but uncomfortable and a life long companion.

But Sean has brought so much joy to me, the little things he does now are always a surprise at times. He has latched on to the weirdest things as favourite toys, a spoon, my old belt, shoes, any shoes. The adventures he has with these items when he has all the other toys we have given him is amazing to behold. And just you try and take that spoon away, hell will be visited upon they who try!

I look forward to the many adventures yet to come, and the many more surprises. But also they quiet times where I can just watch as our little bundle of us just sleeps away peacefully riht beside me.

Mar 6 2012

Impeccable Timing

Changing nappies, the joy of all new parents brings to itself a whole new bit of fun and games when dealing with Sean, or as he is now known around the house, Senor Stinky Pants.

He cries as his nappy is wet, normal.
We change his nappy, normal.
He wets said nappy within 2 minutes of being changed, probably normal.
We change said nappy, normal.
He poops while on the change table, clean that up, pees all over us (mostly Kate, I am yet to cop a spray)

Senor Stinky Pants delivers all this with the comical timing of an Abbott & Costello classic.

Keeps me amused in the wee hours of the morning….

Pun intended 🙂

Nov 23 2011

Bunnings, a playground for young and old

I went to Bunnings tonight, needed a few things to get this move organised and a couple of extra things that a man should have, like a shovel, you never know….

But it got me thinking, is this not a playground that a man and his child should enjoy together, wandering through the hardware, the tools, the paints, the nails, even the plants (Chili plants being my favourite 🙂 )

The things you can show, teach, build together is all there within this massive storage shed of fun, and they do sausage sizzles on a weekend, perfect excuse for a trip down to potter around imo.