Apr 8 2012

Time flies when you have a kid

Easter, that wonderful time of year when we get an extra long weekend to do so much with that we don’t know what to do with ourselves….

Until you have one of these 🙂

Easter Sean

It truly is amazing how much time gets sucked into the vortex of a new baby. You wake up at 6 am to do the morning feed and before you’ve had your first coffee of the day and cooked a piece of toast that goes half eaten, it’s 3 pm.

We’ve done nothing this long weekend, it’s been hands on Sean the whole time. he’s unsettled all the time and very whingy if you put him down for longer then 10 seconds.

So it’s lots of cuddle times and constant feeding, but he is now 6 weeks old, and the growth spurts are happening. My little man has put on quite a bit of length in this short space of time.

It’s a lot of joy and a lot of frustration, and a bit if a laugh too.

How do you know if your son has a full nappy? when the shit stain is spreading across his chest and it squirts up the front of his nappy!!! my god the kid had some in him.

That was a straight to the shower job for the clean up, almost the equivalent of taking them out in the back yard and getting the garden hose out to clean him up.

Sitting down and having cuddle time has allowed for some movie catch ups though, so there is that good side, just need to get out and mow the lawn…. can I strap the pram basket to the lawn mower?