Mar 21 2013


So, you buy a set from Lego, they provide an expansion set, you put set 1 with set 2, and you know what, it’s ok, but just not what you wanted.

What do you do, you buy a second one of each set and make some modifications, that’s what you do.

LEGO is an awesome product, and it allows for just this situation, your not happy with what the Lego designers came up with? fix it!

Jabba’s Palace was sitting all over the place, didn’t seem to move too much, probably had to do with the price $200 in Australia, then they release the Rancor pit for $90
So Kate got me the Palace for Christmas, I got a Pit when they released in February. was okay with the build but it was lacking, inspiration was put up on the eurobricks forum and I fell in love with the idea. So Kmart had a reduction of the palace to $109 that coincided with a 20% off at Toys R Us.

A modification was born 🙂

Here’s the slide show of original to end game… maybe