Mar 24 2012

One Month In

Sean, one month old

Here he is a month later, in that rarest of states, quiet and asleep. Life certainly has changed with Sean in our lives and it’s not an easy path to take.

Sleepless nights are becoming our norm, he loves to sleep all day long, but come 10 pm and it’s eyes wide open time, no chance of getting me settled and being allowed to have a few hours.

We are coping in the only way we can, sleep one at a time, in separate beds, different rooms. Try to alternate nights as much as we can.

Does make it a little harder on Kate as we are breast feeding as much as possible, I’ll help out with a bottle feed some nights, handy if we have a bottle of expressed boob juice in the fridge but not always possible.

Mar 6 2012

Impeccable Timing

Changing nappies, the joy of all new parents brings to itself a whole new bit of fun and games when dealing with Sean, or as he is now known around the house, Senor Stinky Pants.

He cries as his nappy is wet, normal.
We change his nappy, normal.
He wets said nappy within 2 minutes of being changed, probably normal.
We change said nappy, normal.
He poops while on the change table, clean that up, pees all over us (mostly Kate, I am yet to cop a spray)

Senor Stinky Pants delivers all this with the comical timing of an Abbott & Costello classic.

Keeps me amused in the wee hours of the morning….

Pun intended 🙂