May 2 2012

9 weeks old


May 1 2012


Well, I’ve been very slack in my updates of Late, but not a hell of a lot to write about on the child front.

He is a little poo machine that keeps us on our toes and doesn’t like to sleep much, I’ve figured I can get him to settle best when I sit down and finally watch Firefly, 10 years late, but it’s a great show.

Whedon also did another great show just recently, The Avengers, man was that a ride and a half. First night out together without Sean, we got to see my kind of movie πŸ™‚

Sean is 9 weeks old this past friday, we need to keep an eye on his development and record him for prosperity. Kate managed to grab a little video cam a while back forΒ  a bargain price, but it has proven to be a crap investment when it really comes down to getting those moments captured, mainly in the sound area.
So I convinced myself to splash out on a new piece of Hardware…. finally got a Canon 5D mark II. full video recording and a full frame camera. Hoo boy!
here is a crappy starting video or two of Sean to show what it can do, mind you, I didn’t go the Mark III thankfully, Canon recalled them all due to a light leak, not a good thing on a piece of equipment worth 4K.

I did manage to change jobs in the last month, a massive move for myself that has dropped my stress levels a bucket load. It’s doing the same thing, for the same people, from a different side of the fence, with higher pay and a team behind me. Big decision, and I feel that my old boss is copping a lot of stress for himself from my leaving, but I had to look out for number one. The old boss is a great guy and it was nothing to do with him that I left.

So in the last year:
1. Married
2. Moved House
3. New Car
4. New Baby
5. New Job

Don’t know if there is much else you can do in a year without going overseas or winning lotto…. here’s hoping!