Nov 30 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Nov 23 2011

Bunnings, a playground for young and old

I went to Bunnings tonight, needed a few things to get this move organised and a couple of extra things that a man should have, like a shovel, you never know….

But it got me thinking, is this not a playground that a man and his child should enjoy together, wandering through the hardware, the tools, the paints, the nails, even the plants (Chili plants being my favourite 🙂 )

The things you can show, teach, build together is all there within this massive storage shed of fun, and they do sausage sizzles on a weekend, perfect excuse for a trip down to potter around imo.

Nov 20 2011

Summer, not here yet, but still…

Sweltering heat, packing for a big move, pregnant wife

These are a few of my least favourite things.

Summer is a time for chilling out by the pool or beach, neither of which I have close to hand, and COLD BEERS, something I have quite a few of close to hand.

I like to Home Brew, been doing it for quite awhile. Dad and I started a production line back in 2000 when we were living together in Tathra, NSW. Mum was in Sydney for work, and the boys worked hard and drank harder. Once I moved back to Sydney for work the home brew fell off for a while, moving around I never really had anywhere to set up, especially living in Apartments.


When I moved in with my mate Sharpie, we had a 6 car garage that became a bit of a brewery, and my little fermenter soon turned into 3, we made a heap, ales, lagers, ciders, porters, stouts, and one of the best chili ginger beers you have ever tasted.

Kicking back this summer I’ll brew up some more of that I think, and it’s a craft you can share with your son when he is old enough, it’s what I did with my dad.


Nov 18 2011


So I have this camera, OK, a couple of them, I just don’t make enough time to get out and use them as much as I like. This will help with that I hope, also a baby in your life, especially your own, and for me my first born will make the happy snaps flow.
These pages should inspire me to be more active, and I’ll throw up a bit of my past work as well.





This is a photo I took back in October, looking over the Clyde Refinery from Silverwater Road. I drove past this site so many times and always thought the image would look great.

I still think it does


Nov 17 2011

Tomorrow is a new day

Well, it’s nearly tomorrow.


Who would have thought it, not me that’s for sure. I feel I have done a lot with my life in this time, but there is so much I haven’t done either. Finally married, with a kid on the way, that’s going to creep up real fast, and then the real journey begins.

That’s really what this is all about, I haven’t documented my life enough up to now, and I hope having this blog will help my do that in both words and pictures.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings, it’s a brand new day.